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Vaniqa is an excellent remedy for treating hirsutism or unwanted excess facial hair in women. It slows down the hair growth and offers results in real-time.

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What is Vaniqa cream?

Vaniqa cream is the brand name of Eflornithine compound, a synthetic essential amino acid. Eflornithine belongs to a group of medications called 'suicide inhibitors'. These get their name from their characteristic property  of inducing  a catalytic reaction and inhibiting itself. It is the only topical version available of the medication

What is Vaniqa cream used for?

The cream is used for the treatment of Hirsutism,  an hormonal imbalance problem resulting in unwanted hair growth and body changes. While mild hirsutism results in excess hair on the upper lips, chin, sideburn area and around the nipples or lower abdomen, more severe cases result in excessive hair growth in the back and upper abdomen as well. Vaniqa, when used either on its own or in combination with other hair removal methods, works greatly for Hirsutism cases.

How does Vaniqa work?

Eflornithine, the active ingredient in Vaniqa, irreversibly inhibits ornithine decarboxylase( enzyme) that is involved in the production of hair shafts in the hair follicle. By blocking the enzyme hair growth is slowed down. The anagen phase of hair growth comes to a halt and the telogen phase gets in more active mode resulting in hair loss and slower hair growth.

How long does Vaniqa take to work?

The effects are not noticed immediately. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to notice visible results. But the time period varies from person to person. Some women may notice results in  as early as ten days. While in others it may take more than 8 weeks for the changes to start occurring. It is important to keep using Vaniqa for at least 4 months to notice changes. If the results are still unsatisfactory, stop using the medication.

How to use Vaniqa for best results?

For best results, apply a thin layer of Vaniqa on the affected areas of face and under the chin and rub thoroughly to be absorbed by the skin surface. The application has to be done twice daily at regular intervals 8 hours apart or as per the treatment plan of the physician. Do not touch the treated area during this time. Do not wash it off till after 4 hours of application.

Where can I buy Vaniqa cream in Australia?

It is a prescription medication. It is not available for sale over the counters in Australia. Neither its generic version is available any longer. You need a prescription for obtaining Vaniqa either from a registered pharmacy or through a physician's office in Australia. You can even order Vaniqa cream online in Australia. Online ordering ensures that you get the medication in an effective and cost effective manner.

What are the things to remember while buying Vaniqa cream online?

While ordering Vaniqa online, you should be of eligible age (above 18 years) and prove so before the purchase. You can maximum order 3 tubes of the cream but not above that at a time as that is the limit person. Identify the ingredients of the cream while ordering so you can know whether you are allergic to any of them. Additionally after delivery of the package, check the condition of the package to identify any signs of tampering or pilferage.

Does Vaniqa produce permanent results?

Vaniqa, despite its effectiveness on activating the telogen phase of hair growth for a prolonged period, does not produce permanent results. You need to use the cream continuously for the hair to gradually start reducing in intensity. If you discontinue the drug after using it for a certain time period, gradually the telogen phase will be reversed and the anagen or growth phase of hair will be activated again.

What are Vaniqa side effects?

Acne is one of the most common side effects. Other common side effects associated with Vaniqa cream use are a burning or tingling sensation, dry skin, itching, redness, rashes and skin reactions from ingrown hair.

Some of the uncommon side-effects associated with its use are cold sores, bumpy rashes, eczema, inflamed dry cracked lips and pale areas on the skin.

Rare side-effects can result in - skin neoplasms, red burning or blistering skin, flushing, redness, pimples with pus, excessive hair growth, red, scaly and itchy skin inflammation.

When is the use of Vaniqa contraindicated?

The use of Vaniqa cream is contraindicated in people below 18 years as it's safety hasn't yet been determined in that age group. It is contraindicated in people allergic to the medication as it can lead to skin rashes, hives and other allergic conditions. It should not be used in skin with active acne or in areas of peeled or blistering skin as it's application may further the symptomatic discomfort.

 Can Vaniqa be used in pregnant or breastfeeding ladies?

The safety of Vaniqa has not yet been established in pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. So the use of Eflornithine compound or Vaniqa cream is not recommended in pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. Rather than combining the two during this time period, users are recommended to go for alternative hair removal options.

Does Vaniqa have any drug interactions?

Vaniqa as such does not have any drug interactions because of being a topical medication. But application of chemical cosmetics immediately before and after its application can lead to skin reactions. Additionally application of other medicated cream while using Vaniqa can result in a acne flareup and should be avoided as such. It is important to consult with your practitioner before using Vaniqa or combining it with other creams to avoid any drug interactions.

What precautions should be taken while using Vaniqa?

Vaniqa should not be applied in a thick layer. Rather it should be applied uniformly in a thin layer and rubbed uniformly to be absorbed by the skin. Contact of the cream in other body parts may lead to allergic reactions because of which, hands should be thoroughly washed after use. After using the cream, screw the lid tightly and store it in a dry place away from the reach of children and pets. Also the medication should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Brand- Ranbaxy
Prescription: Not Required
Generic Name:Vaniqa cream, Eflornithine cream